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➣ GREP V 1.1.6

Grep is an application for loading and searching through large text files.
- Interpret text documents in any encoding supported by Mac OS X
- Highly optimized loading and matching of very large text files
- Support for textual and regular expression (PCRE) matching
- Threaded loading and matching to keep UI responsive at all times
- Multithreaded matching to improve performance on multi-CPU machines
- Highlight matching rows, or filter out and show only matching rows

Mac Pro

New! version tN6FP_1.3.6_Grep.tar.gz

Recomended! version vers_1.1.8_Grep_T0OjP1.tar.gz

Updated to MacOS v-1.4.6-grep-ilteb.dmg

Recomended! version

Featured! version IX6H_v_2.1.6_Grep.dmg

Updated Mac mini

Best! version zlq.ImageNest.RIP.3.2.tar.gz {20275 KB} 5.0

Featured 10.11 Tighten-Pro-v.1.2.13-bKa.tar.gz {3568 KB} 1.0.15

{718 kbytes} Update QTYM GREP VER. 2.1.6 1.4.6 Version 10.11

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