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2019 version 🆙 easily encrypt and decrypt pdf documents. where download

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PDF Protector is an easy-to-use utility to encrypt or decrypt your PDF documents.
Set a password and let PDF Protector encrypt your documents to hinder others from opening it. You can also set a separate password that has to be known by everyone who wants to copy or print content of your your document. Of cause PDF Protector also lets you remove any of these security mechanisms, providing you know the password. Since PDF Protector uses standard PDF functions, it works perfectly with other PDF applications. If you have to to encrypt or decrypt a lot of documents with the same password, you can set a default password to be used by PDF Protector.

- Supports Adobe standard 40-bit encryption and Adobe advanced 128-bit encryption
- Password protect opening of the document
- Unlock password-protected documents
- Prevent printing of the document
- Prevent copying and changes to the document
- Easy to use
- Compatible with all common PDF readers, such as or Adobe Reader
- Does not need Adobe Acrobat software

Featured Sierra [4275 KB]

Featured High Sierra [3501 KB]

Best for Mac mini ol9G_vers_1.7_PDF_Protector.tar.gz [3538 KB]

to OS X [3796 KB]

OS X [3944 KB]

Witt Software

New 10.12.4 (85155 kb) 1.3.1

Featured for El Captan version.1.5.5.Addism.XVv.pkg (4989 kb) 1.3.5

to High Sierra ETISB_SIMPLEIMAGE_VERSION_6.3.2.DMG (22808 kb) 6.4.1

Recomended MacBook VERS.1.3.NETCONTROL.FBZN.PKG (2137 kb) 1.4

Version iMac ZWea_version_2.3.0_MiniUsage.dmg (3670 kb) 2.0.2

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