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pet store panic v 1.0.0

Help Polly build a nationwide success story from a failing pet store chain, using the amazing machines invented by current owner Professor Egbert van Alstein. What the Professor has in scientific wizardry he lacks in business acumen - and that's where you come in!
Starting with the simple Pet Popper™ for transporting pets to the shop on demand, your stores and machinery will grow in sophistication and power. Does that cat need to be a different color? Or is that customer looking for a spotted rabbit? No matter, the machines can take care of it.
Along the way, you'll meet a wide variety of customers. From kids looking for their first pet, to Vegas showmen looking for some company between performances, and even some customers who don't seem to be of this world... Just remember to get them the right pet before they lose patience!
- Make it through four locations
- 12 different customer types
- More than 40 levels
- Over 10 machine types
- Six different species of pet

Note: The downloadable file is an installer that will install a game when opened.

Best! version (554 KB)

Best! version Pet_Store_Panic_v_1.0.1_ZXWxdg.dmg (548 KB)

New to MacBook (548 KB)

Best Mojave (489 KB)

Best El Captan V_1.0.3_PET_STORE_PANIC_PN0.PKG (597 KB)

Recomended on MacBook Pro 6vJ_v_2.0.0_Pet_Store_Panic.pkg (441 KB)


for 10.13.5 ver-3.2-beta-22-Modul8-EMvU6y.pkg 3.1 beta 22

Updated for High Sierra FREECELL-VERSION-1.3-HEM.APP 2.2

Best 10.12.6 ZY722_3.0_CARETCURSOR.TAR.GZ 1.3

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