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on Sierra how install v.0.1 Druids - Battle Of Magic

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Description: - Games - 46080 KB - Druids - Battle Of Magic - Puzzle


Druids - Battle of Power pits you against an evil that's trying to overtake the land. The recipes to the secret potions that maintain peace and harmony throughout the land are contained within the Book of the Druids. The book was stolen and four ancient druids set off toward the Dark Castle to seek the valuable tome and restore peace to the land. Assist them in their quest by matching three or more Symbols of Power to fill up their magic reserves and unleash their enchantments. They are counting on you to return what is rightfully theirs and stop evil from possessing this ultimate power!
- Four special power-ups.
- Two gameplay modes.
- More than 110 arduous levels.
- Achievements and wide screen support.
- Sublime graphics, mystic storyline.

Updated version {50227 kb}

High Sierra hYI.Druids.-.Battle.Of.Magic.v.0.3.dmg {38707 kb}

Updated version Druids---Battle-Of-Magic-v-0.2-iNn.dmg {43776 kb}

Serial key Druids - Battle Of Magic

New for MacBook Pro V.3.3_WEATHER_POP_2GM.ZIP [2920 KB] 1.6

New MacBook Air qQ2af8_Accept_or_Continue_v.1.4.0.tar.gz [3956 KB] 1.2.4

Updated on Mac mini [1850 KB] 4.6.3

Recomended MacBook Pro vers_4.0_Cooking_Dash_3:_Thrills_and_Spills_CE_Lr71.tar.gz [88751 KB] 2.1

Recomended 10.12.5 ba8Si_Cookie_Domination_ver_3.5.tar.gz [93829 KB] 1.9

Featured OS X 8jIp4e_Aproplus_1.4.tar.gz [190 KB] 1.1

| 38707 kbytes | App VOKQA 0.5 DRUIDS - BATTLE OF MAGIC 1.1 iMac

| 46080 kbytes | App waFZZ Druids - Battle Of Magic v 0.4 0.5 MacOS

| 44236 kbytes | Software version 1.1 Druids - Battle Of Magic OpCQD 0.3 Featured MacBook Pro

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