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to 10.13.5 how install SpiralBound Pro 2.0.2

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Description: SpiralBound Pro / Utilities / Rivulus Software / 1229 KB / Desktop

➢ v 2.0.2 spiralbound pro

SpiralBound Pro is a note utility modeled after a set of spiral-bound notepads with organizing, security, calculator, and email features.You can flip, tear out from, or return pages to your notepad or notepads, and reorder pages as desired. The "Notepad Sorter" window lets you view, rearrange, or weed pages easily.For security, any page can be rendered unreadable when the program is in the background, has been inactive for a period of time, or whenever the "lock" is clicked. You may also choose to require a password to unlock pages.A seamlessly integrated calculator will solve a mathematical expression typed into any page. Also, any word or phrase can be made into a hyperlink. Pages are searchable by title or content, and an unobtrusive pull-down menu on each notepad allows for quick navigation. Pages can also be hidden, or set to float above all other applications.Email the content of any page, whether text or media, (as an attachment or plain text) using Apple Mail, Eudora, or Entourage.To ease the transition from Stickies or SpiralBound, SpiralBound Pro can import your data automatically. Also features automatic updates and check-for-updates.

Best on iMac d5wjvz_vers.2.0.4_spiralbound_pro.pkg

Recomended! version

Version MacOS vers.2.0.6-SpiralBound-Pro-Qh9HxT.tar.gz

Updated High Sierra C3ies-SpiralBound-Pro-version-2.0.3.pkg

OS X v_2.2.2_SpiralBound_Pro_Ahhm.dmg

for Mac mini vers_4.0.2_SpiralBound_Pro_SAA.dmg

Featured iMac Pro

Rivulus Software
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10.12.5 U3j_ToyViewer_v_5.6.1.tar.gz {9510 KB} 5.7.0

Updated to OS X Harmony_version_0.11.2_GZC.dmg {53520 KB} 1.8.2

Updated version DUO.VERS.3.3.3MA.PKG {1775 KB} 1.6

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