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working version Font Viewer v.10.1 how install

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Description: Utilities; Font Viewer; 5837 KB; Font Tools; AlphaOmega Software

Font Viewer allows you to list, compare, try, and print all installed fonts on your system.
- It displays the total number of installed fonts on your system.
- It displays the name of each font next to its rank.
- It displays an example of text with each font.
- You can edit each example, which allows you to try out the fonts as you want.
- You can replicate your own example through all the fonts.
- You can change the style, the size and the color of all the fonts.
- You can open multiple windows at the same time with all the fonts to compare them more easily.
- It can automatically display the main characters of each font.
- It can print all of your fonts with the selected size, style and text.
- It doesn't need any installation which makes it very easy to use.
- It is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, and many other languages.

Best to El Captan BR5L3-FONT-VIEWER-V-10.2.TAR.GZ (6537 KB)

New OS X (6479 KB)

Recomended Mac Pro JIQY3.v.10.4.Font.Viewer.tar.gz (5837 KB)

Featured iMac (5953 KB)

El Captan (5078 KB)

AlphaOmega Software

Key list Font Viewer

on Mac mini 2.1


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